Colombia sets the standard for economic recovery that Peru must closely observe .

“The thought in the medium term is to go a touch of experimentation as in the chance of another isolate isn’t precluded,” says Colombian examiner Mauricio Reina.

The Colombian case could be a decent guide for the reactivation of the public market. On Monday, April 27, the Iván Duque government requested the re-visitation of monetary and useful action slowly and under the biosafety conventions set up by the Ministry of Commerce, Industry and Tourism.

Colombian financial expert and investigator Mauricio Reina, clarifies to CARETAS that “it began with development and eight areas of the assembling industry. It will be progressive since organizations are needed to be enrolled in data sets and to have approved security conventions from a general wellbeing point of view. We are currently in that cycle in which a few urban communities have less intricacies and development work has begun once more. “

The circumstance in Bogotá is different. Due to its high populace thickness and the grouping of the majority of the contaminations, the areas were not completely reactivated since the neighborhood government is in “the sluggish cycle of recognizing satisfactory protocols”. “The thought in the medium term is to go a smidgen of experimentation as in the chance of another isolate isn’t precluded and will rely upon how the disease bend acts and the control of Intensive Care Units (ICU)” Reina adds.

The Colombian workforce adds up to 22 million utilized people. Of these, 4,000,000 have a place with the development and industry sector; half are casual or free, they can not connect up rapidly on the grounds that they have no real way to check the protocols. Given this, civic chairmen have two markers to follow, the limit of public vehicle to ensure the essential distance and the utilization of the ICU

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