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Lamborghini Countach 2021 LPI 800-4

Lamborghini Countach 2021 What a design. More riveting than a Jaguar E-Type, several times more radical than Merc’s gull-wing, the Countach was a car that defined the supercar genre. And has there ever been a more original, bold or simply brilliant design? The easy answer is no. Forming the template on which all Lamborghini supercars have been designed since, it is the car that holds Lamborghini’s source code. Now 50 years on, Lamborghini, in homage, has designed a new one.

With the new Countach or LPI 800-4, Lamborghini has recreated an icon. Instantly recognisable as a Countach, even though the design is thoroughly refreshed and modern, the new car has been re-created to represent what the Countach would have looked like, had it never been dropped from the range.

While the design isn’t as clean or as pure in form as, say a modern Porsche 911, Lamborghini designers have used plenty of new bits, especially towards the rear of the car.

The nose is unadulterated Countach; the even space like starting place front and center (with the name conveniently opened in), the situation of the headlights and the chiseling on the hood – these pieces are unmistakably from the first. The front wheel curve and the plunging window line have been developed, similar to the Diablo, and the originators have likewise advanced the notorious NACA channels (the National Advisory Committee for Aeronautics is the trailblazer of NASA), just as the huge rectangular contender stream like admissions on the rooftop. Furthermore, at the back, the level two-dimensional tail has been supplanted with something more rakish. The twin-case, nearly sailboat, plan has anyway been kept up with.

What are the pieces that plan head Mitja Borkert especially appreciated persisting? “The principal creation vehicle was known as the Periscopio, so take a gander at the top perspective on the new LPI 800-4 and you can see this Periscopio line and the little window; the last made so the driver could recognize the traffic behind. And afterward for me the feature from the Quattrovalvole, one of the later forms, are the expanded wheelhouses (curves), with their kind of hexagonal shape.”

In the engine, the Countach accompanies the brand’s renowned 6.5-liter, V12 motor, however with a supercapacitor for upgraded speed increase and lower emanations. The V12 on its own makes 780hp while the electric engine creates 34hp. Consolidated, the half breed V12 puts out 800hp, which is shipped off each of the four wheels by means of an extremely durable all-wheel-drive framework. This permits the new Countach to do the 0-100kph run in 2.8sec, go from 0-200kph in 8.6sec, and afterward on to a maximum velocity of 355kph.

Boss specialized official Maurizio Reggiani says the new Countach is unique in relation to the Sian . . . “we have 780hp against 770hp that we have in the Sian. As far as equipment, the supercapacitor in the electric engine are something very similar, and 48V can give 34hp. Yet, the distinction among Sian and Countach is in the application, here we have attempted to give substantially more accentuation on the solid conveyance of force.”

Lamborghini Countach what the name means

One of a handful of the Lambos not to be named after a battling bull, the word Countach really is a statement of shock or marvel in Piedmontese. In a real sense importance plague or pandemic, the articulation was utilized by one of the groups making the first model. . . what’s more, the name just stuck. Another interesting part of the new Countach’s name is the LPI identification – where the ‘LP’ represents Longitudinale Posteriore (seen on all back engined models) and the ‘I’ represents half and half.

Lamborghini Countach : will it come to India?

Lamborghini has affirmed that it may be delivering 112 instances of the new Countach. This number signifies the ‘LP 112’ inward undertaking name utilized during the first Lamborghini Countach’s turn of events. Tragically, the new Countach won’t be offered in our market, as Lamborghini is simply going to deliver it as a left-hand-drive (LHD) model. And afterward there’s the little matter of the value; it would have cost around Rs 25 crore here.

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