How to Be Healthy and Wealthy

The Connection Between Health and Wealth: How to Be Healthy and Wealthy

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The Connection Between Health and Wealth: How to Be Healthy and Wealthy

From a purely logical perspective, being healthy and being wealthy should have very little correlation. If someone is healthy, they should be able to earn more because they have less missed work days due to illness. On the other hand, if someone is unhealthy, it should be harder for them to earn a lot of money. However, this is not the case. In today’s world, being healthy and being wealthy correlate highly with each other. Studies show that people who are overweight or obese have a higher chance of earning less than those who are at an appropriate weight for their height. It seems as though there is some sort of link between health and wealth after all. Here’s how you can achieve both health and wealth by following these four steps:

The Connection Between Health and Wealth: How to Be Healthy and Wealthy 1

 The Connection Between Health and Wealth

The first step is to know how to live a healthy life. Unfortunately, not many people actually know how to do this. As a result, most of them will only give up because they do not know what to do. However, the key to success in this situation is to find a mentor. This mentor can guide you to improve your health in the right way.

If you are willing to make a positive impact on the world and help others, then you can even consider working for a company that works on finding a cure for a disease. Since doing so will improve the lives of countless people, you will be able to live a more healthy and prosperous life at the same time. In the end, all you need is a goal that is worth working toward, and you will have the motivation to get out of bed and take action.

Steps to Achieving Wealth and Health

Find Your Strengths

As the saying goes, “the best time to plant a tree is 20 years ago. The second best time is today.” One of the best ways to ensure your health is to find your strengths and use them to excel in your chosen field. If you are an entrepreneur, you have to know your strengths and what drives you. What is your passion? What is the thing you most enjoy doing? Is there a skill you are great at that is worth pursing? Maybe you love taking care of others. Find a business that pays you to do something you enjoy doing so you can help others and earn money in the process. If you don’t find your true strengths, you could end up with a meaningless job or career.

Be Physically Active

Exercise and movement are incredibly important to maintaining health.

The Link Between Obesity and Earnings

It’s been discovered that being overweight or obese is associated with a 5- to 7-percent lower annual income. So, this is quite a big deal. According to the article “The Incidence of Obesity Among U.S. Workers and the Evolution of Pay Rates” published by the Bureau of Labor Statistics, this goes to show that fat and poor people are the ones who have a lower chance of earning a lot of money in the future.

So, it appears that those who are considered overweight or obese are in the lower part of the earnings pyramid. The reason for this is because they have a higher risk of developing various diseases, including cardiovascular disease, cancer and diabetes. Obesity is a preventable disease, but for most people, it is not.


Some of these ideas seem a little out there and are totally new to most people. However, over time, they will become more common in our lives, especially because they make sense. If you are feeling like your health isn’t where you want it to be and you are concerned that your income isn’t where it should be, then follow these steps. By starting with one small step at a time and focusing on these ideas, you can develop a healthy lifestyle and a prosperous mind-set.

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